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The H1 Club has quickly become one of the top clubs in Hamburg since its opening in November 2006 and is now known beyond the borders of Hamburg and Germany. Every week, we welcome up to 600 guests on approximately 700m² of space. There are ample free parking spaces available. However, what truly contributes to the great atmosphere in the club is the diverse and lively mix of our clientele.

Main, Magic Room


4 Sections with 17 tables


600 People / 700m2


The features of a portion of the spacious smoking lounge, which is about one meter higher than the main floor in the club, and the ability to slide the separating glass wall aside in segments, allow this area to be used as a stage for live acts, presentations, and more. Through continuous renovations and upgrades, the club has not only kept pace with the latest LED and LCD wall technology but has also set new standards. These walls are integrated into the latest lighting technology, displaying animations, films, effects, and party perspectives from the club through installed HD cameras on a large scale.


H1 Club & Lounge
Conventstr. 8-10c, 22089 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 8060 7692
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